Corp-PageLet the designers at Fastframe create a perfect look for your office.

Project your image and sense of style through the frames that grace your walls. Professionally framed artwork and documents elevate the environment for guests, clients and staff alike and can give virtually any room a whole new dimension. Our art consultants can add value and importance to all of your artwork, memorabilia, documents, licenses, certificates, and mission statements. Your home or office interior creates a long lasting impression on your guests; it conveys a message about who you are, what you do and how well you do it!

Framed artwork is the ultimate, most cost effective way to enhance your image in a polished, tasteful manner, and it creates an attractive and interesting environment. Artwork can give a room a totally new dimension in a surprising number of ways; by making it look larger or smaller, high-tech or cozy, bright or subdued. Fastframe has extensive experience in custom wall décor. We will assist you with every aspect of the project, from choosing the artwork, to design and placement on your premises.

Art Resource:

It may be that you simply require the rematting and framing of your existing artwork, or perhaps you need many new pieces but are not sure where to start. We would be delighted to research artwork or assist in locating particular images. We can also provide information on the addition of selected pieces to compliment your present art collection.Photo-pieces

Volume Framing:

An increasing number of customers use Fastframe, not only for their own office artwork, but also for high volume orders for events such as product launches or awards at major meetings and conventions. We are able to handle large orders for companies who may wish to mail to their clients or distributors a special piece to celebrate an anniversary or other special milestone. During the holidays some companies like to give custom framed prints as corporate keepsakes as an alternative to typical gifts. The recipient will remember the giver and appreciate a unique gift for years to come. Whether you require 1,500 frames for distribution to multiple locations, 50 individually designed framed prints for your corporate offices, or a single piece for the reception are, Fastframe is equipped to handle your project and complete it when you need it!