Photo Restoration

Restore the original tones and colors of your family’s forgotten treasures. Through the use of modern digital methods, we can repair old photographs and documents without damaging the original. A snapshot of your grand-parents or the marriage certificate of your parents can become a family heirloom that can be preserved and displayed for generations to come.

See It Before You Buy It

Our state of the art, custom picture framing visualization software offers unprecedented peace of mind when making custom framing design decisions. With FRAMEVUE you can see what the finished piece will look like before finalizing your order.

* Can’t decide between 2 frames?

* Will a blue mat look better than a green mat?

* How about a two-inch mat vs. a three- or four-inch mat?

Computerized Mat Cutting

At Fastframe of Durham, we can cut just about any mat design for your artwork. Whether it’s an oval mat, your children’s names, or even a sports related design where you need a number cut, we can do all of the above with our Wizard Mat Cutter. With the Wizard Mat Cutter, anything is possible and we can have the ability to cut mats in a matter of minutes.

Misc. Services

Custom Engraved Name Plates
We can obtain a custom engraved name plate for your project so you can document a special occasion. We can also cut a window in the mat to accentuate the name plate.

Display Cases
In addition to custom framing, we can also obtain display cases for your treasured sports memorabilia. Whether it’s a ball, a cap, or a helmet, we can provide the perfect display case to give your item the presentation it deserves!

Unique Alternatives

Acrylic Prints
Display your pictures with the beautiful and modern look of polished acrylic. The glossy surface of the premium quality acrylic prints gives incredible vibrancy and color to your images, while the polished metal standoffs frame and support your image.

PlastiPlak is a process where your image is dry mounted onto Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) and then sealed under heat and pressure with 80% UV protective matte finish vinyl lamination and finished with a beveled edge in your choice of over 30 colors.

Canvas Stretching

Let us stretch the canvas pieces you brought back from your trip overseas! Canvas stretching is the recommended process to preserve your canvas pieces for years to come. At Fastframe of Durham we have the necessary tools to stretch any size canvas you have; whether you are having it framed, or want a gallery wrap to hang the canvas directly on the wall. Call us for a quote or feel free to bring your artwork in.


In addition to a number of prints and originals available in the store we vendors who have extensive print collections. Visit to browse a wide variety of available prints.